A Collection of poetry, short stories and thoughts from 1989 – 1995 

The heart may rise and fall as the earth meets the sun, Love is wise and in all a birth completes our run.


WHAT is this about! – In your twenties you experience a lot of things; love, loss, accomplishment, children, graduations but you will never make it through without having some form of growth.

WHY is he sharing this! – This collection came about from what I experienced travelling the world as a Marine and coming home to begin a life full of energy and ideas. I also like most of us experienced everything young adults go through.

HOW will this benefit me?! – These works will entertain you, make you think and realize that we all have a lot in common. You realize anything can be worked out and pain no matter if never forgotten will always subside. So if you are in your twenties, approaching or long past them…You can share what you like as well as add your thoughts to the website for others to relate… Ken BIG Blake